Wall Mounted Telescopic Folding Rack



Folding stretch clothes hanger, stretch extension rod, can hang towels and clothes, with wind ring, wind resistance. 360-degree rotation design, unlimited space angle rotation, cross-linked lock design, not easy to slide.

  • Corrosion resistance and strong bearing capacity.
  • Stainless steel screws can be folded and closed when not in use, saving space, and can be installed flexibly regardless of the size of space.

Material: Aluminum
Installation Type: Wall Mounted
Install method: punch or glue

Package Included:
1x Wall Mounted Telescopic Folding Rack

Additional information


1 rod black 6 hook, 1 rod white 6 hook, 2 rod black 12 hook, 2 rod white 12 hook, 3 rod black 18 hook, 3 rod white 18 hook