Spaceship Egg White Yolk Mixer



Mix the protein with this egg white yolk mixer. It is easy to use. A great product for those who don’t like egg yolks.

Easy to assemble, disassemble, dishwasher safe.

Easy to operate, pull the rope, the machine starts to rotate, in the process, it will relax the hand muscles and make you or your child feel happy.

The vibrating screen is suitable for eggs of various shapes and sizes and is very suitable for the perfect mixture of egg yolks and white eggs.

High-density draw rope, good wear resistance, high strength, and long service life.

The perfect egg cooking tools make your eggs more nutritious, beautiful, and delicious.

Color: as shown
Size: 17*7.6cm
Material: PC

Package Includes : 1 x Egg White Yolk Mixer Manual Household