Household Electric Automatic Noodle Pasta Maker Machine



Pasta is a staple dish in many households. The problem with commercially made pasta is that it usually has a high glycemic index and is not very healthy for you. For this reason, many people make their own pasta from scratch, but this can be time-consuming and difficult. The Household Electric Pasta Maker does all the hard work for you in just a matter of minutes. It is a great alternative to store-bought pasta and is a healthier option as it contains fewer calories and less fat.

A variety of knife mold combinations can be used to make wide noodles, narrow noodles, hollow noodles, dragon beard noodles, etc.;

You can add egg liquid, vegetable juice (soft vegetable leaves can be put directly, hard vegetables must be juiced), etc. to make noodles with different flavors, which are healthy and delicious;

Simple operation put the flour into the noodles, easy to get;

Food grade material, sanitary, healthy, environmentally friendly, and practical;

Imitate manual kneading, add the appropriate amount of flour, and the machine will automatically mix the flour and water;

Excess dough can be cleaned up easily by hand, simple and convenient;


1. Choose a die

2. Water surface ratio control

3. Noodle making process

  • a. Open the top cover first
  • b. Measure flour
  • c. Water measuring method

4. Pour the measured flour into the mixing bucket

5. First align the top cover card position with the notch on the front of the barrel of the fuselage, press down, and install it in place when you hear a click

6. Plug in the power supply, press the power button, and then press the corresponding automatic button according to the ratio of the surface. After the stirring is turned, slowly pour the water into the water inlet of the top cover according to the surface water ratio reference table.

7. After about ten minutes, the machine alarms and the noodle making is automatically completed


Material: ABS
Product gross weight:: 5.2kg
Product Size:: 435x265x315mm
Product power:: 260W

Package Included: 1 x Household Electric Automatic Noodle Pasta Maker Machine

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