Chinese Magnetic Dragon Teapot



The dragon is a symbol of China. It is also a symbol of luck and power. Here is the Chinese dragon teapot. It is a unique product, which is a teapot and a set of Chinese calligraphy. The Chinese dragon teapot attracts our attention with its gorgeous ceramic appearance, and meanwhile, it can become a nice gift for your friends.

  • Heat-resistant, can withstand -20°C-150°K instantaneous temperature, explosion-proof, high-temperature resistance 150°C, low-temperature resistance -20°C.
  • With tea water separation, detachable filter, button design, easy to disassemble, easy to install, and easy to clean.
  • Crystal clear and transparent one-piece molding, transparent and bright to reflect the tea soup, lead-free high borosilicate glass, one-piece molding to reflect the clear tea soup
  • The water is concentrated without sprinkling, the eagle beak is designed to flow smoothly, and the eagle-shaped cup mouth makes the water flow like a column and does not splash and overflow.
  • Convenient to make tea in one second, and it can make various teas for multiple purposes.
  • It can make tea automatically, which is convenient and useful.


Material: Glass

A Size: 17.5×12.5x16cm / 6.89×4.92×6.30in

B: Teacup: 13x14cm / 5.1x 5.5inch Reindeer Length: 19cm/7.48 inch

Package Includes:

1 x Piece Teacup

1 x Piece Teapot Infuser

1 x Piece Reindeer

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A, B