Car Anti-static Grounding Chain Belt



The copper wire grounding is more effective in eliminating static electricity, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of poor static elimination after other chain static nets and belts are contaminated with dust.

It is fastened on the exhaust pipe of the car with screws, and the electrostatic belt is dragged to release static electricity, which also has a good decorative effect.

Static Electricity Elimination: When a car is in motion, friction generates static electricity, and excessive spontaneous combustion occurs. The static conductive belt will conduct the static electricity from the car to the ground to ensure the safety of the car.

Special metal structure, high-temperature resistance, no deformation, no fading, strong electrical conductivity, can effectively remove static electricity in the car, and wear-resistant and durable.

Exquisite workmanship, careful selection of materials, practical and diversified.
This model has a night-time reflective warning function. Eliminate vehicle static electricity and ensure driving safety.

Can be used multiple times: The length can be adjusted, after the natural wear part of the electrostatic belt, it can be lowered and used


Material: Metal

Size: Total length about 35cm, width about 2.5cm,

Package Included: 1 x Car Anti-static Grounding Chain Belt

Note: Customers are solely and completely responsible for evaluating their vehicle to ensure that the vehicle, and each part of that vehicle, is appropriate for this product. Also, Customers are solely and completely responsible for any damage or problem.

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