Adjustable Stone Base Sink Knife Sharpener Holder



sink bridge whetstone holder made of durable stainless steel, please keep the sharpening stone support dry after use, it can provide you with a long-lasting kitchen tool. Just Place the knife sharpening whetstone holder over the sinking bridge, and keep a small flow of water during the whole knife sharpening process. Securing your sharpening stones firmly in place, while allowing you to execute precision, sharp edges on your blades and planes. It keeps sharpening stones and whetstones from sliding during honing, ensuring worker safety and exceptionally keen blades.

  • Cleaner & more precise.
  • Sturdy strong durable made up of 304 stainless steel.
  • Securing your sharpening stones firmly in place.
  • Knife sharpening stone holder Fits sharpening plates, whetstones, natural. stones, oil stones, diamond stones for almost sizes.

Material: Stainless Steel
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Type: Sharpeners

What’s in The Box